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Tire Rotation Service near Plano, TX

Think about your vehicle – what part endures the most while on the road? If you thought of your tires, you’re correct. Many people don’t even think about their tires until it’s too late, and you’re sitting on the side of the road with a flat that could have been prevented. Here at Prestige Ford, we care about your safety on the road, which is why we offer a tire rotation service near Plano, TX. In no time at all, you can be driving home in a vehicle that feels brand new!

What exactly does a tire rotation yield? Since your tires are constantly in use, rolling over various types of road conditions, it’s only natural for them to start to wear over time. Unfortunately, your tires tend to wear unevenly, which makes it more difficult to know when it’s time to acquire new tires. However, with a simple tire rotation, you can prolong your tires for a substantial amount of time. Your front tires often experience more wear quicker than your rear tires, as they engage more with the road.

During a tire rotation here at Prestige Ford, our technicians will perform two main tasks to ensure your tires are performing at peak capacity and safely. First, each tire and wheel is removed and transferred to a different position, which helps even out the level of wear in the front and back. Secondly, the air pressure of each tire is also checked and adjusted if necessary. And, in some cases, your brakes will also be checked to make sure they are working properly with the tires. Thanks to our tire rotation service near Plano, TX, you’ll undoubtedly have an increase in confidence when getting behind the wheel of your vehicle, as your ride and handling will be optimally improved. Feel free to schedule an appointment to bring in your vehicle today!

There are a few factors that indicate when it’s time for a tire rotation. If you experience slipping and swerving on the road – more so than usual – in either wet or dry conditions, it could be a sign that your tires are starting to wear and lose their traction. An additional aspect that you should look out for is if you feel more vibration while driving, which usually points to uneven tire wear. Rotating your tires not only saves you money down the road, but it also helps extend your tires’ lifespan and provides you with the utmost safety on the road.

Here at Prestige Ford, our talented and experienced technicians will perform a tire rotation service near Plano, TX, on your vehicle in an efficient manner. You can schedule an appointment right here on our site, or by giving us a call at (800) 896-9617. We look forward to servicing you and your vehicle!

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